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Facing 2035: Research on the Status Quo and Development Countermeasures of Beijing’s Education for the Elderly(PDF)


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Facing 2035: Research on the Status Quo and Development Countermeasures of Beijing’s Education for the Elderly
Zhenliang Xing Xinyi Shen and Huiting Wang
1. Beijing Academy of Educational Sciences, Beijing, China 2. Beijing Normal University, Beijing, China
elderly education lifelong learning learning city community college village campus
‘China’s Education Modernization 2035 Plan’ proposes the strategic task of building a modern education system of lifelong learning that serves the whole nation, and requires speeding up the development of education for the elderly in urban and rural communities. It is in the form of national strategic missions to emphasise, once again, that community elderly education is an important part of the lifelong learning system, and points out the direction for the development of community elderly education. In this study, a total of 2,675 questionnaires were handed out and collected, based on the full sample of universities for the elderly and random sampling of students. The returned questionnaires were analysed quantitatively and qualitatively, to understand the current situation regarding elderly education, and to propose countermeasures for its development. The results show that the top-level design of the elderly education in Beijing communities has gradually become clearer, multiple implementation subjects coexist, and the elderly education service system has gradually improved. In particular, using learning cities as the carrier, integrating education for the elderly into social construction has achieved remarkable results. Towards 2035, to increase the structural supply of education for senior citizens, it is necessary to further integrate the expectations of the aged regarding elderly education, solve the problem of uneven and insufficient development of elderly education, and build an education service system for the elderly that meets the requirements of the new era.




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