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Cultivating “Maker”: New Education Ecosystem in the View of New Industrial Revolution(PDF)


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Cultivating “Maker”: New Education Ecosystem in the View of New Industrial Revolution
WANG Youmei
School of Entrepreneurship Education, Wenzhou University, Wenzhou 325035, China
Keywords: new industrial revolution maker culture Innovation 2.0 mass innovation space maker education
Abstract: The New Industrial Revolution gave birth to the era of individual manufacturing; Makers appeared in a historical stage. The development of digital technology has reduced the access threshold for the mass innovation, and has promoted the democratization of innovation in the era of innovation, which provided an opportunity for makers development. As a harbinger, Maker Movement stimulated the individual makers' creativity, and Makers spirit was a core to maker with four major genes of the DIY, innovation, self organization, and the Internet as. Makerspace is a carrier which supports open sharing, Co-creation and cross-border innovation, and develops the makers' behavior characteristics of pursuit of creating change, willing to share, make good use of tools and integration of play with learn. Maker culture is the affordance, through which continuous acculturation and enculturation goes on, make itself a mainstream crowning innovation culture which leads the innovation and entrepreneurship. Establishing a new ecosystem of makers education with whole person development, it can clearly describe a basic framework which integrate makers elements to education system, embed from resource opening, curriculum reconstruction and knowledge innovation, through three progressive levels of makers-enhanced instruction, makers-infused courses, makers-centered learning to enhance learners' DIY(T), crossliteracy and makers' knowledge and ability, cultivate a group of makers with innovative entrepreneurial consciousness and ability, develop new culture of makers education in the era of crowning innovation, so as to provide the source and stream of entrepreneurship and innovation for mass entrepreneurship and crowning innovation.




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