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The Learning Sciences in the Past Decade: Development, Reflections and Innovations———An Interview with Professor Keith Sawyer(PDF)


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The Learning Sciences in the Past Decade: Development, Reflections and Innovations———An Interview with Professor Keith Sawyer
CHEN Jiagang1 & YANG Nanchang2
1.Foreign Languages School, East China Normal University, Shanghai 200241,China; 2.Elementary Education School, Jiangxi Normal University, Nanchang 330022,China
Keywords: learning sciences development instruction design educational innovation
Abstract: Nearly a decade has passed since the first edition of The Cambridge Handbook of the Learning Sciences(CHLS), the milestone work in the field of the learning sciences, was published in 2006.Since then, the learning sciences research activities have flourished and new ideas and studies are continuously emerging, revolutionarily impacting human learning and educational innovation.At the end of 2014, the 2nd edition of CHLS was published.In this book, 72 leading learning scientists around the world expressed their views and presented their studies on learning inside and beyond schools, teaching of specific disciplines in formal learning like literacy, math and history, informal learning in museums and libraries, as well as issues concerning technology-related learning forms, like the embodied learning, mobile learning, data mining and collaborative learning, etc. Under this context, we conducted an interview with Dr. R. Keith Sawyer, the editor of both editions of CHLS. This interview focuses on three aspects: the latest development in the learning sciences; the view of Keith Sawyer, as a leading learning scientist, on the methodology of the learning sciences and its impact on educational innovation; informal learning environments from the perspective of the learning sciences.In addition, Dr. Sawyer also shares his insights on the “hot” issues in education such as MOOCs, flipped classrooms, maker movement, and big data. Dr. Keith Sawyer is the Morgan Distinguished Professor in Educational Innovations at School of Education, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill(UNC-Chapel Hill), and an internationally-renowned scholar in learning sciences and creativity research. He obtained his B.S. in computer science from MIT in 1982, M.A. and Ph.D. in psychology from University of Chicago respectively in 1992 and 1994. So far he has published more than 80 articles and 13 books. In his current research, he is studying how teaching and learning are organized in professional schools of art and design, with the goal of identifying a core set of features that can be used to design more effective learning environments.




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