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Accreditation Mechanism of MOOCs in Higher Education Market(PDF)

Global Lifelong Learning[ISSN:1006-6977/CN:61-1281/TN]

2016 02
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Accreditation Mechanism of MOOCs in Higher Education Market
Qiu Weihua
School of Public Administration,East China Normal University
Keywords: MOOC accreditation mechanism higher education market
Abstract: Through applying information technology, MOOCs are breaking down the barrier of space and time in personal instruction and makes it possible to provide high quality higher education for billions of people. But because of the information asymmetry in education and labor market, the quality of MOOC courses and MOOC learners' achievement cannot be acknowledged by the public without accreditation. Conventionally, universities function both as educators and an accreditors They are supposed to assure learners of the quality of its services and convince employers of the abilities of their graduates. Learners and employers' trust in a university is built on the higher education accreditation. The present accreditation of higher education evaluates the colleges and programs on their tangible resources and academic publications while the accreditation of MOOC needs to evaluate both the courses and the learning outcome. According to learners' needs, MOOCs in higher education can be divided into two categories, MOOCs for universities and MOOCs for career development. The effective accreditation of MOOCs for universities need to form a credit consortium which enacts the standard for MOOC accreditation and coordinate collective recognition of MOOC credits. Professionals wish MOOC learning can help them master the knowledge and skills quickly, and secure opportunities of interview and employment. The effective accreditation of MOOCs for career development in the United States depends on the prestige of MOOC developers and the informative digitally verified certificates that can be considered as signals of high quality. The outstanding reputation of top universities in the United States facilitates the acceptance of MOOC by employers but the conflicts among colleges are hindering the MOOC's entering campuses. Because the higher education in China lags behind that of US, Chinese universities are more willing to accept and introduce MOOCs. Therefore the accreditation of MOOCs for universities in China should emphasize on the selection of courses with high quality. The accreditation of Chinese MOOCs for career development should rely on a consortium of colleges and enterprises as well as authoritative approval from the government that can promote the growth of MOOC market.




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