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The Role and Training of Coordinators: Linking Schools and Communities(PDF)

Global Lifelong Learning[ISSN:1006-6977/CN:61-1281/TN]

2023 2023 01
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The Role and Training of Coordinators: Linking Schools and Communities
Dongmei Sun12 Manabu Gorai 2
1. Changchun Humanities and Sciences College, Changchun, China
2. Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan
schools communities coordinators Minamisōma Community School Cooperative Activity Project
This study focused on the regional school collaborative activities (SCAs) introduced by Japan’s Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) through the amendment of the Social Education Law in 2017, and aim to clarify the role and training of coordinators (who play a central part in SCAs) by examining special cases, and explore measures that foster relationships between communities and schools. While investigating the background of the regional SCAs developed by the city of Minamisōma in Fukushima Prefecture, this study analyzed the field notes from the observations of the SCAs as well as the content of interviews held with three directors of the lifelong learning centers and three regional school collaborative promoters (SCPs) who served as coordinators. In the context of earthquake reconstruction, teachers and local residents lack the related knowledge and are not involved in the local SCAs developed under the administrative leadership; enthusiastic coordinators are willing to engage in various activities but have difficulty achieving their goals. Social education administrations should forge ties between schools and communities with the aim of building communities where residents can proactively participate; to do so, they should establish a joint training system for coordinators and teachers as well as the improvement of coordinators’ compensation.




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