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Analysis of Third Age MOOC Learning Based on Learning Log Data(PDF)

Global Lifelong Learning[ISSN:1006-6977/CN:61-1281/TN]

2023 2023 01
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Analysis of Third Age MOOC Learning Based on Learning Log Data
Bing Wu
College of Science and Engineering, Shanghai Open University, Shanghai 200433, China
MOOC the third age learners learning analytics association rules mining
The MOOCs provide open and impartial learning environment for all learners. With the development of society and the increase of healthy level, the number of elderly people increases significantly. Elder people are looking forward to higher quality of life, and receiving education is one of their aims. Related studies refer to this group as the third age learners. Online learning has become an important way for the third age learners to carry out their learning, and MOOC provides a more open and flexible learning environment for elderly learning. In order to explore the third age MOOC learners’ preference of course selection and the potential association between course selection, this paper takes a MOOC website (lnmooc.shlll.net) invested by the Shanghai government, which is specially designed to serve the third age learners, as the research object, and carries out a learning analysis study based on the online learning logs of the learners. The study found that art, health and life courses are the three courses with the highest number of enrolments. At the same time, potential associations such as “Shanghai Dim Sum Making→Scientific Parenting” and “Automobile Age→Fishing” were found through Apriori algorithm. The above findings provide a good indication of the pursuit of “intergenerational development”, “personal recreation”, and “skill development” by third-age learners in Shanghai.The findings are also of great value and significance in assisting decision-making in the design of supply policies for educational resources construction and platform construction.



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